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Scientists spend much of their time in the lab, doing research, writing grants, drafting papers, serving as mentors, giving presentations/seminars, and performing numerous other duties necessary to advance science. But scientists need to add one more responsibility — that of being a citizen scientist. Scientific citizenship encompasses the responsibility of the community of scientists to help the public and elected officials understand the impact of research on human health.

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By any measure, NIH is the world’s greatest discovery engine for biomedical knowledge. For example: of the 230 Nobel prizes ever awarded for fundamental discoveries in chemistry, physiology or medicine, 99 have gone to 163 NIH-supported scientists. And that knowledge is the starting point for treatments and cures. One study found that of the 210 new drugs approved by FDA over a recent seven-year period, development of every single one of them originated from new knowledge uncovered by NIH-funded research. Extending and sustaining federal support for NIH research is a wise investment in our economy, an essential investment in combatting disease, and a visionary investment in public health and well-being.

~Keith R. Yamamoto, PhD, CLS Chair

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