The Board of Directors includes some of the country’s most distinguished biomedical research scientists:

Keith R. Yamamoto (Chair)
University of California, San Francisco


Huda Akil (SFN)
University of Michigan


Sue Biggins (at-large)
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Mike Bishop (at-large)
University of California, San Francisco
Chancellor Emeritus
Professor Director, GW Hooper Foundation


Martin Chalfie (at-large)
Columbia University
Biological Sciences


Anne Claiborne (CZI)
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative


Hollis Cline (SFN)
The Scripps Research Institute
Department of Neuroscience


Mark C. Fishman, (at-large)
Harvard University
Harvard Stem Cell Institute


Carol Greider (ASCB)
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Daniel Nathans Professor and Director
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics


James Haber (GSA)
Brandeis University


Robert Horvitz (at-large)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Steven E. Hyman (at-large)
Harvard University
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard


Judith Kimble (at-large)
Vilas Professor of Biochemistry
Departments of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Howard Hughes Medical Investigator


Boyana Konforti (HHMI)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Connie M. Lee (ASCB)
Associate Dean for Basic Science
Biological Sciences Division
The University of Chicago


Richard Lifton (at-large)
The Rockefeller University
Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Bill Martin (at-Large)
Chief Scientific Officer and Head of R&D
BlackThorn Therapeutics, Inc


Elizabeth McNally (at-large)
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


Richard M. Myers (HudsonAlpha)
HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology


Erin O’Shea (HHMI)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Vishal Patel (NIBR)
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research


Thomas Pollard (at-large)
Yale University
Department of Molecular/Cellular/ Dev Biology


James Sabry (Genentech)
Genentech, Inc


Bodo Stern (HHMI)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Tania Simoncelli (CZI)
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative


Shirley Tilghman (at-large)
Princeton University
President of the University, Emeritus
Professor of Molecular Biology and Public Affairs


Huntington Willard (GSA)
University of Chicago
Geisinger Health Systems
Howard Hughes Medical Institute