The Coalition for the Life Sciences (CLS) is an alliance of professional organizations working together to foster public policies that advance basic biological research and its applications in medicine and other fields. The issues addressed by the CLS include science education, professional training, and the funding, management, and oversight of scientific work, especially by the federal government.

The CLS directly links biomedical researchers and societies with members of Congress through:

  • Serving as an Advisory Committee to and briefing the bipartisan Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus (CBRC) about issues such as disease research, scientific integrity, and technological licensing.
  • Biannual Capitol Hill Days, providing scientists an opportunity to meet with their Congressional representatives on Capitol Hill.
  • Scheduled visits by scientists to members of Congress at their district offices.
  • The Congressional Liaison Committee, which informs scientists through email alerts about public policy and legislation affecting the conduct and funding of biomedical research.
  • Arranging appearances by CLS members to testify to Congressional committees related to biomedical research and funding.

In addition, the CLS facilitates communication about issues affecting biomedical research funding and policy by helping members place op-eds in the local and national press and make presentations to lay groups.

The CLS was formed in 1989 as the Joint Steering Committee for Public Policy.

Our Board of Directors, whose members are drawn from these organizations and from the research community at large, oversee the efforts of the CLS.

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