The Coalition for the Life Sciences (CLS) educates its members, Congress, and the public about public policy and legislation affecting the conduct and funding of biomedical research, including:

  • The Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus Briefings – The CBRC was established in 1989 to broaden the support and knowledge of basic and clinical biomedical research issues throughout the Congress in a bipartisan manner. Watch some of the country’s top scientists in these recorded presentations.
  • News & Updates – The CRBC provides it’s members with the latest information on Congressional action that could impact science policy.
  • Events – Attend events in DC and around the country and take a stand for science.
  • Biomedical Research Funding – State-by-state funding facts, including information on NIH, NSF, and the life sciences in general.
  • Testimony – CLS members provide expert testimony to Congress providing an invaluable perspective to policymakers.