Every political cause is strengthened by a diverse base of support. Biomedical research spurs economic growth, creates high-skill jobs and saves lives, yet often the public is unaware of how important basic research is to the search for diagnostic tools, treatments and potentially cures for many debilitating diseases.

Speaking to a local community group or civic association increases public awareness of important research and funding issues. The CLS staff will support your efforts to expand the base of public support for biomedical research in your community. We will provide materials, including overheads and handouts, for you to customize when speaking to local community groups.

At your invitation, we will also be happy to join you on meetings with potential allies. If you have an opportunity to speak to a local group, consider bringing a colleague from another part of the biomedical community. (For example, if you work in academia, ask a scientist in biotechnology to join you.)

The following groups welcome speakers on public policy topics:

  • Civic organizations
  • Senior centers and local chapters of seniors’ associations (AARP)
  • Veterans’ groups
  • Local politicians and political organizations
  • Service organizations (Kiwanis)
  • University science clubs
  • Religious organizations
  • Editorial boards of local media
  • Local businesses and business groups
  • Labor groups
  • Professional associations (lawyers clubs, etc.)
  • Community health advocacy groups (American Lung Association)