The CLS is proud to sponsor Capitol Hill Days. Capitol Hill Days are an invaluable opportunity that connects scientists with their Members of Congress in Washington, DC. The Capitol Hill Day program seeks to strengthen the communication between scientists and their Representatives in Congress.

Scientists from all biological research disciplines and at all levels of training are encouraged to participate in the Hill Day program.

Participants will have a chance to meet with members of their Congressional delegation, as well as attend a briefing of the Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus.

Visits serve to educate legislators and their staff about the practice of science and the impact of scientific findings on furthering human health. In this way, visits develop goodwill with legislators who can get their scientific questions answered.

Serve your profession by using this opportunity to inform legislators about the importance of biomedical research.

Don’t miss this opportunity to personally experience the inner workings of our government and advocate for good science policy on Capitol Hill. The CLS provides limited travel awards. The CLS encourages all scientists to apply, especially members of the CLS participating societies: ASCB, ASCI, GSA, HHMI, NIBR, and SFN.