The Coalition for the Life Sciences (CLS) applauds President Obama's 2016 budget proposal that supports the critical research taking place at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF), and supports his...

Today President Barak Obama unveiled his proposed Precision Medicine Initiative that seeks to revolutionize how we improve health and treat disease.

In an article in today’s Politico, Jo Handelsman, assistant director of the White House Office...

Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus 2014 Briefing Series

February 26

The BRAIN Initiative: Building on a Century of Basic Research
Cori Bargmann, The Rockefeller University
Cannon Room 122-

April 2

Understanding Circadian Rhythms: Understanding Sleep Disorders
Michael Rosbash, Brandeis University
Rayburn Room B-340

May 7

HIV/AIDS in 2014: Progress and Priorities
Anthony Fauci, NIAID, NIH
Rayburn Room B-340

June 18

Paying Dividends: How Federally Funded Biomedical Research Fuels the Pharmaceutical Industry
Mark Tessier-Lavigne, The Rockefeller University
Rayburn Room B-340

July 16

Embyonic Stem Cell Research: Advances and Potential
Lawrence Goldstein, University of California, San Diego
Rayburn Room 2168

July 30

CRISPR: The Game Changing Therapeutic Technology
Feng Zhang, McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT
Rayburn Room 2168

September 10

Aging and the Normal Brain
Carol Barnes, University of Arizona
Rayburn Room 2168



* All briefings take place at noon eastern time.